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15th April 2024

8 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Spring has sprung, and with it comes more sunshine, new growth, and lots to be done in the garden. By getting your garden ready now, you’ll get the most outdoor enjoyment possible this spring and summer.

As garden lovers ourselves, we’ve created a list of eight ways to prepare your outdoor space for the coming season, from raking and weeding to balcony cleaning.

1. Out with the old…

Start the pre-spring clean by getting rid of dead leaves, stalks, and debris that prevent or harm new growth. Old, dead vegetation can harbour disease and bacteria if left, so remove it to avoid infecting new plants.

You can use many kinds of dead leaves to create compost, so why not start a compost heap? Soft trimmings and grass cuttings are best for making compost, with dead leaves being a strong addition to the mix. Remember that oak, beech, cedar and pine leaves take much longer to break down, some taking up to two years to do so. Using compost in your garden is extremely beneficial for your plants as it’s more nutritious, helping those flowers to bloom.

2. …and in with the new

Pre-spring is the perfect time for ordering new seeds and bulbs for your garden. Many species can be planted now, while some will be ready to sow once the ground gets a little warmer. It’s also time to prepare your flower beds for a good spot of spring gardening.

If you like to grow your own vegetables, then some types can already be planted. Try tomatoes, cucumbers and chilli in your greenhouse, if you have one. If not, and you have lighter soil, now is the time for garlic and shallots. If you live in a mild area of the UK and have sandy soil, then plant broad beans, carrots, parsnips, lettuces, and spinach. By spring, your garden will be thriving with new vegetation.

Don’t have a conventional garden? Start a balcony garden. You can grow many flowers, fruits and vegetables from a balcony with the right care. If your balcony isn’t up to scratch for an urban jungle, we can upgrade it to a new glass balcony, perfect for letting in the light needed for plants to grow.

3. Do some weeding

To make way for new plants and to avoid stems getting choked, do some weeding. You should be able to pull them up with your hands, but in extreme cases, you might need to invest in some weedkiller. Remember to remove them fully, roots and all, or they’ll just grow back.

4. Spruce up your plants

Give your garden a makeover in preparation for spring and summer. Trim stems to encourage and support new growth, and consider a bit of a move around as part of the landscaping. Re-pot growing plants into bigger homes to allow them to thrive. Take a look at your plants and identify if any of them will require pruning when spring arrives, such as hibiscus and hydrangea.

5. Check for pests

It’s important to rid your garden of pests that may have gathered over winter. While general tidying can prevent disease, pests like aphids, whiteflies and slugs can still take over. You’ll be able to spot many of them clinging to the underside of leaves, or you’ll notice the holes they leave in plants.

This article by Hillier is a fantastic resource for common UK garden pests and how to tackle them.

6. Update your deck

If you have a deck in your garden, it’s time to get it clean in preparation for spring and summer enjoyment. Sweep away debris and scrub the wood or stone of dirt and stains. Once it’s looking its best, wash your garden furniture and start to plan those outdoor lunches for April and May.
Transform your decking by installing balustrades around the edge, this will turn your decking or patio into more of a feature in your garden. Preferably, opting for a glass balustrade will increase safety while looking fantastic, and glass enables you to still enjoy the beauty of your garden without any obstructions.

7. Balcony blitz

If you have a balcony overlooking your garden, be it a juliet balcony or projecting balcony, ensure it’s ready for spring. Give it a good clean with soapy water or the cleaning products of your choice and smarten up any furniture. 

If you have metal or wood around your balcony, consider upgrading to glass balustrades. Not only do they last longer, but they’re far easier to clean. Better yet, you can see right through them and enjoy an unimpeded view of your beautiful garden. Light will stream in through the glass and create a brighter space, perfect for when the sun shines in spring and summer.

Are you thinking about getting a balcony installed? Glass is the perfect material. As we’ve said above, it creates a bright and open space, is easy to maintain, and gives you a stunning view of your garden without obstacles. Adding a glass balcony to your home also adds value, making it more appealing to prospective buyers in the future.

8. Sit back and relax

Now that your garden is looking good and ready for spring weather, it’s time to relax. Soon enough, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden to its fullest, perhaps even from a deck or glass balcony for more beautiful views. Start planning brunch in the sunshine and regular spots of gardening, and spring will be here before you know it.

Enjoy your garden with Norwich Glass Company

If you’re interested in adding a glass feature to your garden, whether it be a balcony or a balustrade, get in touch with us at Norwich Glass Company. We, as industry experts, design, cut, and install each installation to the highest standards. 

Give us a call on 01603 431409 to talk to a member of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team, or use our simple online form for a free quote.

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