Improve Insulation and Reduce Your Energy Bills

Also known as Insulated Glass Units (IGU), double glazed windows are installed to reduce thermal conductivity between the inside and outside of a building. This in turn helps to reduce the amount of energy required to heat a building. If you’re looking to improve your property efficiencies, get in touch today.

Double Glazing Repairs
upstairs window of cottage replaced

Upgrade Single Glass Panels

Rooms with single glazing will be noticeably louder, colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. To spend less time and money on regulating these rooms to be the right temperature, double glazing is a simple solution that does this for you.

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replacing the seal for double glazed unit

Perished Seals & Silicone

Erosion after years of use and exposure to the elements is completely normal for the seals and silicone used to fit the units in place. It’s very easy to touch these up or replace them depending on the scale of wear and tear.

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Moisture Between Your Glass Panels

If you’re starting to notice moisture forming between your glass panels, this suggests that the double glazing is no longer airtight. You can fix this by replacing the glass to prevent moisture and drafts from creeping through.

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Benefits of Double Glazing

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Maximum comfort

With correct insulation, the rooms in your property will have improved temperature control, keeping cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

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Reduce your energy bills

Say goodbye to leaving your heating or air conditioning on all day and extortionate energy bills, with double glazing your property can maintain its optimum temperature.

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Reduce external noise levels

Double glazing reduces the amount of vibrations that can pass through, minimising the number of disruptions from the outside world in your home.

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Deter unwanted company

Due to the beading that holds the glass in place, double glazed panels are notoriously difficult to remove compared to single glazing.

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    These guys visited promptly, gave me a fair quote and installed professionally. The engineers were very tidy and took some time to advise me in how best to maintain, their advice has helped me to understand. Will use again.

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