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Glass Balustrades

If you’re looking to amplify and introduce a modern edge to your home, a beautifully crafted bespoke glass balustrade is the perfect solution.

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Let in light and create a spacious feel with a bespoke glass balustrade

A professionally installed glass balustrade will help to open up your home in a magnificent way, allowing natural light to flow through your living spaces. Traditionally a balustrade would be made from wood or clay, however, glass balustrades create the illusion of more space whilst adding a modern touch.

Our projects include commercial as well as domestic work, natural light is known to increase wellbeing and productivity at work, a balustrade is a great solution to contribute towards this in your place of work.

With such a knowledgeable and professional team on hand to help, you can be sure you’ll get the right glass balustrade design to optimise the light inside your property.

Choose either framed or frameless balustrades

Our glass balustrades can be tailored to meet your expectations. Choose from a classic framed balcony with the options of wood or stainless steel structure and hand railings, or a stylish frameless glass balustrade.

All of our balustrades are made to measure so our team will cut these to your exact measurements, ensuring each design is a perfect fit for you.

If you are in need of a custom balustrade by a reputable company, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What style of glass balustrade can you install?

    All our balustrades are manufactured from either toughened safety glass or laminated glass. Because of this, we’re able to both cut and install clear, patterned, tinted and opaque style balustrades - you can choose to have these frameless or framed.

  • Are glass balustrades safe?

    Yes, just as our glass balconies and shower enclosures are, being made from toughened safety glass and laminated glass, these offer maximum safety when choosing to have a glass balustrade in your home.

  • Are balustrades something you can fit both externally and internally?

    Yes, we can cut and install balustrades for both external and internal use. Our external balustrades are ideal for when you wish to enjoy your garden in the evenings for longer, positioned around a decking or patio area, they provide shelter from the wind. Likewise, you can secure pond areas or a water feature with these. Whereas, our internal balustrades are predominantly used on landings at the top of a staircase or to separate two areas without shutting them off entirely.

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