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Acoustic Glass

Norwich Glass Company provide acoustic glass for businesses and domestic properties, creating the perfect audio barrier for a variety of different purposes.

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acoustic-glass acoustic-glass-norwich-2 acoustic-glass-norwich-3 acoustic-glass-norwich

Increase privacy and reduce noise with an acoustic glass installation

Insulating building interiors against noise due to increased road traffic, aviation, railways, nightclubs, factories, and neighbours, has now become a major design criteria.

Glazing in windows can play an important part in reducing noise and can also provide privacy in applications such as offices, studios, lecture theatres, and hospitals.

Available in five standard thicknesses 6.8, 8.8, 10.8, 12.8 & 16.8mm, acoustic glass provides varying noise reduction levels, and can be combined into a sealed double glazed unit.

Acoustic Glass acts as a laminated safety glass upon impact, and can therefore be installed in areas of risk such as doors and low level glazing.