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17th February 2022

Bathroom Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation 

The sanctuary of a bathroom can provide the relaxation you’ve been craving all day, as well as being an integral part of your daily routine. Whether you enjoy a long soak in the bath or a quick shower it’s the small things in life which provide positive impacts on your day. 

Are you looking to renovate your washroom in 2022? Follow our top interior recommendations here. 

Bold is beautiful 

The bathroom is a space that we use each and every day, so it’s important it inspires you to start the day right. Gone are the days of bland and clinical white bathrooms, instead you’ll see bright metro tiles, intricate murals or bold wallpaper adorning bathroom walls. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some colour to your space consider wallpaper. Vinyl is the way to go due to its resistance to moisture and humidity. 

Open plan showers 

Forget shower curtains and cramped shower cubicles, open plan showers are the way forward. Visually opening up your shower space with a glass screen gives a modern feel to the room. We can custom create a made to measure shower screen to allow you to create a barrier to the main room.  

If you’re strapped for space then a bespoke shower might be the way to go. Creating a shower for a nook in your bathroom is easy using our bespoke shower builder this allows you to choose which way your door opens, the colour of the fixtures and hardware colour. 

Bathroom with a view? 

If you’re lucky enough to have a wash room with a view then why not make the most of this and build a juliet balcony. Whilst perusing the internet for inspiration you’ll have likely seen idyllic images of bathtubs overlooking beautiful views, these images don’t need to stay on your timeline.

Creating your very own tranquil experience is easier than you imagine, simply contact  one of our glass balcony specialists to find out how to get started.

Focus on lighting

As with any room getting the lighting correct is essential to create the correct mood for the space. Creating different light sources in the room is key to achieving this, using the rule of combining three types of lighting – ambient light to illuminate the space, functional for daily tasks, and accent for that relaxing spa-like feeling at the end of the day. 

Bring the outdoors in

The calming restorative nature of biophilic design has thrived throughout the past few years with homeowners looking to replicate the feeling of a spa experience, at home. Maximising natural light using sky lanterns, open plan design and plants are all part of the concept of increasing the occupants’ connectivity to the natural environment.

Nothing brings a room to life quite like plants – they are a quick and easy way to replicate the great outdoors. We suggest plants that enjoy humidity such as spider plants, ferns and monsteras as the perfect companion to your steamy showers. Alternatively if you’re looking to redesign your space contact our team of glass specialists who will be able to advise you on how to incorporate skylights or window re fits into your project. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom this year and require mirrors, windows or glass shower units then look no further than Norwich Glass, we’ve been supplying customers with quality glass for over 20 years, contact us today on 01603 431409 for more information. 

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