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1st March 2023

The Benefits of Using Glass in the Workplace

Many office workers spend up to 38 hours in the workplace so it’s important that the space is a calm and inviting area. Thankfully most offices are now much more focused on creating a welcoming space for employees. Whether your employees work collaboratively or team members need spaces to get their heads down, glass is a great option to create zones, without installing imposing barriers and building walls to segregate colleagues. 

With staff spending so much time within your four walls it’s important the space has as much natural daylight as possible. Whilst this isn’t always possible, using glass barriers between teams is a great way to continue to allow light to travel through the room without blocking it out; creating dark, small spaces. 


Glass barriers are a great cost effective way to create spaces within a larger room. Using brackets to install glass panels means it’s quick and easy to install a glass partition in your office. From break out spaces to dividing desks, toughened glass is a great option.   

Glass meeting rooms 

Likewise with meeting rooms, building glass walls with glass doors is a great way to continue to have private conversations but without blocking the all important natural light. Glass sliding doors can provide a space saving solution to a small office which does not have the space for traditional swing doors, plus it adds a modern feel to the meeting room. 


Frosted glass is a great solution for meeting rooms and private offices. It allows for light to pass through without having to forgo much needed privacy.


Office kitchens are high traffic areas, with many teas and coffees getting made throughout the working day, it can get messy and unhygienic. Having an easy to clean space is imperative to continue the running of a happy workforce. Glass splashbacks are not only easy to install but they also provide an extremely easy surface area to clean down. No more mound between the grout! 

Let the light in

If your building allows installing sky lanterns or roof lights, this is a fantastic way to let an abundance of natural light into your space. Research shows that natural light can affect the quality and duration of sleep; those who are exposed to more light throughout the day tend to sleep better and longer. As well as being better rested employees those with a natural source of light during their working day tend to be more productive.
If you’re looking to add glass to your workplace, we’re here to help. From big installations to small tasks contact our team today on 01603 431409 for support on your next project.

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