20th April 2021

Brighten Up Dark Rooms with Windows, Doors & Balconies

Homeowners are often looking for ways to improve their homes, whether that’s with large renovation projects or simple fixes to improve a room; lighting plays an important part in all aspects of life at home. Whether you’re looking for bright airy spaces or cosy areas to relax in at the end of the day, the ability to have natural light in your home is of great importance to most homeowners. 

Many property search checklists include the importance of having a driveway, downstairs toilet and extra storage space, however the number one thing many homeowners look for is natural light.

Here are some of our top tips to help improve the quality of light in your home, whilst also improving the value. 

  1. Skylight

Skylights are a great way to add additional light to a room. Flooding a previously dingy room with bright light, added ventilation and an added sense of space. Skylights can be added as a modular design, further adding to the brightness of a room. 

These style windows are often used in kitchens or offices. Ideal for those looking for a bright space to work, cook or entertain.

  1. Roof lantern 

Using the same principle as skylights, roof lanterns have the added benefit of admitting even more light into your home with the additional angle of the lantern. 

Contrary to skylights which can be almost invisible from ground level, sky lanterns add an impressive architectural aspect to any home or building. Cosmetic changes such as roof lanterns are said to improve the value of your home, and are a fantastic feature to any room.

  1. Glass staircases

Hallways and staircases are often the darkest places in the home, and largely neglected when home renovations are planned. Whatever the style of your stairwell is, from frameless glass, shaped cut out panels, clamped glass or stainless and wooden systems. Adding glass will open up the area and let light travel from room to room. 

Some homeowners can feel concerned about the safety of glass staircases, however all staircases installed by Norwich Glass use glass specifically manufactured to meet the required building regulations and standards.   

  1. Glass partitions

As with all glass features, the benefit of allowing light to flow through from room to room is enormous. Whether you’re removing an existing wall, or simply creating a diver in a larger room; a glass partition is a great way to add division to your room without losing the sense of space. 

Worried about noise? Acoustic glass is a fantastic solution to this and is ideal for those looking for a quiet space within the home to concrete on work or take time out without losing any light, whilst injecting a modern feel to your home. 

  1. Glass Balcony

If you’re lucky enough to have a room with a view, or looking to bring the outside in, then a glass balcony is a great option. These architectural features not only add square footage to your home but also brings opportunities to flood the room with natural light and air. 

A glass balcony can be anything from a juliet balcony or balustrade, to something more substantial to bridge the gap between buildings. 

  1. Glass flooring

Glass floors might remind you of tall modern buildings, with impressive views of the ground below. However using them in domestic settings is an ingenious way to increase natural light from throughout the building. Made from toughened glass these are structurally installed and are designed to be able to walk on. 

We’ve previously used glass flooring to showcase features within home owners properties such as wells, or architectural features to enhance value of the home, but to also add an unique point of interest. 

  1. Mirrors

If you’re on a budget or live in a rented property the above installations might not be quite right for you. Mirrors are a brilliant, cost effective way to bounce natural light around the room. 

Whether you’re looking for a stylish arched leaning mirror, or a made to measure mirror which fills the length and breadth of your space. We’ve got something for everyone and we’re always happy to help assist you with your inspirational designs. 
Here at Norwich Glass we pride ourselves on providing glass and glass installations to both domestic properties and the commercial industry which means we can provide our customers with the very best in glass services. From replacement glass to full installation we’re here to help, contact our friendly team on 01603 431409 or order your glass online here https://www.norwich-glass.co.uk/shop/

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