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Fire Rated Glass

We are suppliers and installers of fire proof and toughened glass in Norwich.
We can make bespoke fireproof panels, from replacement wood burner glass to made to measure glass panels for fire doors.

fire-rated-glass-1 fire-rated-glass-2
fire-rated-glass-1 fire-rated-glass-2

Professionally Installed Fire Rated Glass

Whether you are searching for replacement glass for a wood burning stove or heat resistant glass for your business we can supply and install fireproof glass in Norwich and the surrounding areas.

After extensive testing, some types of glass are certified for use in areas which require resistance to flames, intense heat, or exposure to hot gases. Fire rated glass is tested for its integrity (ability to remain intact), and insulation (ability to retain heat within an area).

Different types of fire rated glass have different properties, which change if incorporated into insulated glazed units (IGU’s) and depend upon their thickness and application.

All fire rated glass must be glazed in accordance with strict regulations using specified materials for both the frame and sealants. Installation method will ultimately determine the effectiveness of the glass. Glass thicknesses range from 6mm through to 52mm for extreme conditions.

Available in either 6mm clear , or 7mm textured forms, wired glass offers a reliable, integrity only, fire resistant glazing in a range of applications including doors, screens, and overhead glazing. It can be used in a variety of internal or external applications for vision or privacy purposes.

We generally stock either CGI Pyro-stem, or Pilkington Pyro-shield 2 for clear wired options, and Pilkington Pyro-shield 2 Texture for obscured wired options. Wired glass can also be incorporated into sealed double glazed units to accommodate a number of different applications.

Our skilled glaziers have attended Vetrotech training to properly fit and secure fire rated glass to ensure the best standards.