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Float Glass

Float glass is used for general household use, for single glazing. Thanks to the manufacturing technique we can supply and fit large panes of uniform thickness.

float-glass-1 float-glass-2 float-glass-3
float-glass-1 float-glass-2 float-glass-3

Float glass & single glazing

If you require Float Glass, or general household glass in Norwich we can cut glass to measure and install it in your home or business. We can also replace or repair windows in listed buildings.

Most single glazed wooden or aluminium windows are glazed with float glass, sometimes referred to as normal household glass.

Manufactured by ‘floating’ molten glass at 1200 degrees celcius on to a bath of molten tin. A process known as the Pilkington method. The glass is then gradually cooled. Once rolled out the glass is perfectly smooth on both sides with an even thickness, and has excellent visual qualities.

Float Glass is available in thicknesses from 2mm to 19mm dependent upon the application. The most common thicknesses are 4mm clear or patterned, and 6mm clear.