4th September 2023

How to Style Your Glass Balcony

A glass balcony allows for a much lighter and brighter space than a metal railing or wooden post style balcony. If you have a glass balcony installed or have been considering one, use the minimal aesthetic to your advantage and create the perfect relaxation spot or vantage point to enjoy. Follow our tips to style and make the most of  your balcony.


First up,  furniture. How do you add comfy seating without cluttering the space? Well, clean lines and open space always bode well when combined with unobstructed natural lighting. Try and avoid bulky furniture as this could hog the space and make it feel cramped. 

You can still achieve this look and prioritise cosiness. For example, padding out a rattan garden chair with some large, plush cushions can make the area feel spacious without compromising comfort.

Additionally, how you arrange your furniture will ultimately depend on the size and shape of your space. If your balcony is on the smaller side, your options will be more limited, however we just need to think smart when it comes to the set up. One of the main placement decisions is whether you want your furniture facing towards the balcony glass itself or not. If you have a great view, it makes the most sense to arrange your furniture to point towards it, rather than have your back facing it. For smaller balconies, pointing your furniture towards the glass balcony can also help to create the illusion of more space. 

However, if your balcony is to provide you with a space outdoors, for example if you live in an upper floor flat, it makes sense to opt for individual chairs facing each other to optimise the space for making conversation and socialising.

Green it up

A major benefit of a glass balcony is the amount of light it receives. By utilising this, you can incorporate far more greenery into your space, creating your perfect balcony jungle or herb garden. 

When it comes to plants, there’s no set rule but look for plants that enjoy bright sunlight and being outside in interchangeable weather, we do live in the UK after all. 

For locations, plant pots of all sizes situated on the floor will do well on your glass balcony or fix trellises in place for climbing plants if you’re looking for some privacy. 

The right lighting

During the day, the beauty of a glass balcony is the floods of natural light it lets into your space. However, to utilise your space during the evening and at night, you will want to consider your options for warm and restful lighting. 

If you want your lighting to be hidden, an LED strip light will do the job perfectly. Hiding this along the floor or under a roof, if your balcony is sheltered, is a great and inconspicuous way to brighten your space. As well as being energy efficient, if you like to switch it up, most LED strip lights are colour-changing, so you can set a colour for every mood. 

If you like your lighting fixtures to be part of the aesthetic, you can opt for string fairy lights, hanging LED bulbs or fixed floor lights.

Accessorise and personalise

A glass balcony is a blank canvas, so take advantage and take your time to accessorise to your heart’s content. Of course, there are plenty of options when it comes to style or theme, but it makes sense to stick with something that is light and airy to complement your glass feature. For example, boho and Scandi styles work well in bright spaces because they rely on neutral colours, lightweight furniture and various textures. 

Crystal-clear glass

Finally, and arguably the most important point, is ensuring you’re maintaining and cleaning your glass balcony correctly and often. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is creating a stunning space to relax in and not looking after it. 

Often, we’re asked by our customers, how do you clean your glass balcony? Well, the general rule of thumb is less is more and avoid products that leave smears. On that note, we advise avoiding cleaning products which have been ‘designed to clean glass’, most of these glass cleaning products actually leave behind smudges and residue which show up on a sunny day.

To clean, we recommend keeping it simple. A basic home mixture of either soap or white vinegar with warm water will actually provide you with that desired crystal-clear glass. Using a simple soft cloth, a spray bottle and your homemade mixture will ensure your glass sparkles in the summer sun and complements your new style.

Styling your glass balcony and making the most of it is the fun part. If you’re looking to have one fitted, please contact our team on 01603 431409.

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