Benedict glass shelf

21st April 2022

Local Installations from Norwich Glass

We’re all about supporting local businesses and we’ve supplied a range of glass services in and around Norfolk. Glass is much more than just windows and to prove this, here’s some creative projects we’ve been up to recently. 

Benedicts glass shelves and mirrors 

We created and installed custom glass shelves for Benedicts restaurant to showcase their elegant glassware and bottles. Benedicts is a contemporary restaurant in the heart of Norwich offering modern and sophisticated food in a relaxed environment and we wanted to reflect this style in their shelving designs. 

Opting for glass shelves creates a modern and fresh feel and helps to enhance the view of the items displayed. Unlike wood or MDF where the light is absorbed by the surface, glass allows light to shine above and below creating a bright airy aesthetic.

We also fitted glass mirrors into their restrooms maximising the room’s sense of space and most importantly to make sure you’ve got nothing stuck in your teeth before returning to your table. 

Oishii glass extractor fan

Oishii is an asian street food takeaway and restaurant located in Distillery Square, off Dereham Road offering a fusion of asian flavours and spices with both vegan and vegetarian options.

Oishii needed to fit a new extractor fan to comply with health and safety regulations as well as provide a fresh and pleasant working environment. We got creative and cut a custom hole out of an existing window to fit the new extractor fan. Offering innovative solutions to industry problems. 

Hoskins Hair glass mirrors

Mirrors are one of the first things customers see when walking into a hairdressers and they are the main focal point throughout their experience there, so we wanted to make sure we provided excellent quality mirrors for Hoskins Hair that also reflected their style. 

Hoskins is the natural home for your hair; a hairdresser that goes beyond just cutting hair. They use an Italian range of products with the aim of improving the nourishment and general well-being of your hair. 

They are situated in a former apothecary shop and wanted to keep the original antique feel but also provide the necessary fixtures needed for a hairdresser. We installed two mirror designs, a standard style as well as an antique style mirror with bronzed effect glass. Keeping the unique vintage feel alive. 

Two Life Boats glass balustrades 

Safety is a number one priority when at the beach but it’s also a shame to obstruct the beautiful sea view… this is where glass balustrades come in. We installed glass balustrades along the front of the Two Life Boats at Sheringham so customers can enjoy the seaview without getting blown away whilst enjoying a few drinks!  

The Two Life Boats was originally a coffee shop and Fisherman’s Mission circa 1720 but has now evolved to be a bustling seaside hotel and restaurant – plus dog friendly of course. They offer an array of family favourite foods, including locally sourced seafood, and a great selection of gin. 

St Giles Pantry replacement glass

Thanks to our 24 hour emergency glazier service we’re always ready to help with any urgent repairs, from minor jobs to complete replacements. St Giles Pantry experienced a recent break in and we were on hand to replace the broken windows straight away. 

St Giles Pantry is an independent store selling locally sourced seasonal and artisanal food. Their aim is to keep the spirit of the local community alive, promoting a sense of belonging through fresh food and produce whilst bringing the neighbourhood and local suppliers together. 

We at Norwich Glass offer a range of services to suit your glass needs, from creative projects like glass staircases to emergency repairs caused by accidental damage or vandalism. 

If you’d like to get in touch feel free to give us a call on 01603 431409 or send us an email at

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