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27th September 2021

Updating your Single Glazing to Energy Efficient Windows

Autumn is officially here and we all know what that means, the colder weather is on its way. With the changing temperatures it may be time to consider replacing your windows, especially if they are single glazed.

With single glazed windows you will start to feel the crisp cold creeping in, this is because they are highly conductive. Single glazed windows can also cause condensation. This condensation can cause damp, and mould, which could result in damage to timber. To prevent this from occurring in your home, replace your single glazing for double glazing, as efficient double glazing can reduce the build up of condensation on the inside of your windows. Here we have listed some information on why double glazing is the way to go for winter.

What is Double Glazing?
Double glazing can be used for more than just windows, the process of double glazing involves the use of two glass panes that are separated by a layer of air. This air is insulated with a gas, such as Argon or Kryton and is used to insulate heat between the two layers, in and outdoors.

Double glazing options

It is misconceived that there is a universal glass used for double glazing. Even though the installation of double glazed units are the same in principle, they vary through the type of glass and the materials used for the frame. Here are some examples of glass that can be used for double glazing in windows:

Tempered Glass – Being far stronger than ordinary glass, tempered glass is able to withstand large amounts of external pressure without breaking. This glass has been designed to crumble, making it one of the safer glasses to use for double glazing.

Laminated Glass Probably the safest glass to use for double glazing, this glass has an added layer of plastic to prevent glass falling even if it is broken. Meaning it is able to hold itself together rather than shattering.

Float GlassThis glass is more likely to shatter when broken but it creates a smooth and even finish which is perfectly flat. Considering this fact, the glass is still strong and long lasting and is most commonly used for double glazing, as it is one of the cheaper options.

Why Embody Double Glazing:

Lower Carbon Footprint GreenSpec reports that “a typical house loses 10% of its heat through the windows”, even when they are shut. With double glazed windows the amount of heat lost is reduced which therefore lowers your carbon footprint. A win, win if you ask us. 

Lower Energy Payments – As the heat is retained in your home, due to the double glazed windows, you will start to feel that you don’t need to turn your heating on as frequently and will therefore reduce your spendage on heating.

Comfort – Let’s face it, after a long day out in the cold all we want to do is come home and relax. With double glazing you won’t only come back to a warmer home, but you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Double glazed windows can help to insulate your home against outdoor noise, so you can come back and enjoy some comfort in your warm home.

For better heat retention, less condensation and a smaller heating bill, replacing your single glazing to double has never looked better. If you are interested in swapping out your windows, get in touch with us today on 01603 431409 for a discussion on what double glazing is best for your home.

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