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20th November 2023

The Benefits of Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens and Bathrooms

None of us are strangers to messy rooms from time to time. Bedrooms often get covered in clothes, living rooms scattered with books or toys and offices get full of paper, pens and other miscellaneous knick knacks that have no home. These are messes we are all used to and can live with, however they’ve got nothing on the messes we encounter in kitchens and bathrooms.

Food stains, hard water marks, sauce splashes and soap scum are often the bane of cleaning, but they don’t have to be. Instead of using specific sprays and scrubbers to remove stains from various surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, wouldn’t it be easier to simply wipe them away quickly and cleanly?

For Kitchens

The heart of the home, kitchens are said to be the most-loved rooms by many families. People come together over food, whether that is sharing a meal or teaching others to cook, and with both comes the inevitable mess. 

With a glass splashback behind the cooker, that spitting bacon fat or flying bolognese sauce won’t stain your kitchen walls. With a quick spritz and a cloth, you can wipe away those marks instantly, leaving sparkling glass behind. 

If you love to cook, bake and create, a glass backing running along the length of your counters could save you cleaning time and preserve the walls or tiles behind. Not only is it easy to clean, but kitchen splashbacks also look great, adding some shine to the room that elevates its style and feel.

For Bathrooms

A room specifically designed for us to clean and freshen up can get surprisingly messy, and we’re not just talking about towels on the floor.

Those with kids (or adults who brush their teeth just a little too enthusiastically) will know the curse of toothpaste stains well. Sprayed from the bristles or splattered while rinsing, toothpaste and mouthwash can easily start to stain your wall, tiles and grout, as can soap from handwashing. With a bathroom splashback, those pesky white blobs and marks can be simply wiped away, leaving everything looking brand new.

Shampoo can be hard to scrub off tiles, but with a full-length splashback in your shower or against the wall by your bath, you can wipe and rinse those stains away with ease. Instead of spending time cleaning the lines of grout with a toothbrush, have glass cut to size and installed to turn your bathroom cleaning session into a quick and painless chore, done and dusted in half the time.

Bathrooms can be beautiful rooms, and with glass splashbacks, you can upgrade their design further. The constant shine from the glass will lend a luxurious feel to the room, reflecting the light and providing a modern age you’ll love.

Glass Versus Acrylic Splashbacks

A debate for many, we believe there is only one answer. Not only does glass last much longer than acrylic, but it’s easier to clean and remains looking its best for longer. While acrylic will eventually stain and sometimes even warp, glass will remain looking good as new for years to come.

A beautiful piece of bespoke glass backing will outlast any plastic and add a luxurious finish to the room that you will love.

Glass Backings by Norwich Glass

With glass splashbacks, you will no longer have to deal with every different brand telling you they have the only soap and sponge suited for cleaning grout or ceramic. Glass backings will let you wipe away stains with ease, saving you time and stress. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or both, a glass splashback is the way to go. At Norwich Glass Company, our highly trained professionals are ready to cut your splashbacks to the required size and install them with expert skill and a friendly smile. Interested to learn more? Get in touch today by calling 01603 431409, or email us at info@norwich-glass.co.uk, and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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