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1st May 2023

What are the Best Plants for My Balcony Garden?

Adding a balcony to your home is a fantastic way to add space to your property and is an ideal place to cultivate your dream outdoor garden. Whether your property is a small flat, crying out for additional space or a country house overlooking the fields. Having an idyllic place to relax amongst plants is a great way to relax on a warm summer’s evening. 

However, depending on which way your balcony faces may determine what plants will thrive in your space. Finding this out before making the all important decisions on what will adorn your platform is essential to avoid wilting flowers or worse still, dying plants. 

If you’re unsure which way your balcony faces, enlist your trusty phone compass to determine if you’re north, south east or west facing. Knowing how much sunlight and shade your space gets will help you pick the best plants. 

Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

The Sansevieria is a well known indoor plant, known for its hardiness and being easy to maintain. Did you know these plants also work well outdoors. Ideally suited for a sunny and well sheltered area, these plants will thrive. Although it’s best to bring them inside if we’re expecting a frost or particularly harsh weather conditions in winter. 

Kentia palm

Another plant you may already be familiar with if you love indoor plants. This palm is ideal if you’re looking to create some privacy on your balcony. Typically these palms grow between 4 to 6 feet, however natively full sized palm trees have been known to reach up to 20 metres tall. These palms are dark and glossy and bring a touch of tropical class to your space. Best suited on a shady platform which moderate sunlight. 

English ivy

The perfect trailing plant for any green fingered person who likes low maintenance plants. Preferring infrequent watering you can let this ivy do its thing, and allow them to drape down, bringing additional privacy. Whether you use boxes to trail from the balustrade or hanging pots these are perfect for any plant beginner due to their hardiness. Again shady spots are best. 


Lavender is a perfect contender as an ideal balcony plant. Being drought, heat and wind tolerant, you can count on this herb to provide bright purple flowers and that all important aroma that will waft across your balcony with the wind, releasing its beautiful scent. Other herbs are also great to adorn your balcony planters. Creating a herb garden not only looks beautiful, but will provide you with fresh herbs for your cooking all year round. 

Fruit and veg  

Small space vegetable gardens are becoming more and more popular, growing tomatoes and cucumbers are relatively easy to grow and love a sun trap. Not only do they provide a talking point but if you’re successful with your crop will provide you with salads for the rest of the summer. 

Whether you already have a balcony or you’re looking to have one fitted this summer, getting prepared for your new space is important. If you require any assistance on supplying a glass balcony please contact our team on 01603 431409.

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