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29th March 2021

What to Do If You Have a Broken Window?

Whether you’ve experienced a break-in, or accidentally broken a window yourself, we realise that time is of the essence.  Making sure your home or business is secure and weather tight is crucial. 

Whilst the extent of the damage will influence what action needs to take place, it’s important to ensure the area is made safe, with any broken glass safely disposed of, and access to the building temporarily secured with boards.

There are 4 main steps to follow should you experience a break in or broken window. 

  1. Assess the Damage 

Whatever has caused the damage, it’s important to keep calm and determine what has happened. Broken windows can be caused by a multitude of things and depending on the damage, will result in different actions.

If you’ve been broken into, or had your property damaged then you’ll likely need emergency glazing ASAP. Our team of engineers are on call 24/7, 365 days of the year and yes that includes Bank Holidays – we’re always at the other end of the phone 01603 431409. Our friendly call out team will assess the damage. Should you require new glass windows, doors or panels then we will quickly work out a solution.

If you’ve damaged an internal window or glass panel then the need for emergency repairs might not be so urgent. You can now order replacement glass online, this allows you to choose the exact requirements, delivered directly to your door. Alternatively feel free to call or email us with any questions.

  1. Secure the Area

You may be surrounded by broken glass and unsure where to start. Our emergency team will arrive at the scene as soon as possible and will endeavour to clean up and secure the area quickly and efficiently.

No matter how big or small the job is, whether your kitchen window has been smashed by a ball or shop front has been targeted by vandals; our team is ready for any eventuality and are equipped with all the tools necessary for minor repair jobs or entire replacements. 

If you require a full replacement or need glass made to order we will assess your property and install temporary boards to secure your property in the interim. If you’ve had your locks damaged in the process our sister company, City Locks is also available 24/7 for emergency repairs and replacements. 

  1. File an Insurance Claim

This could be the time to file a claim with your home or business insurance provider. It’s always best to get in touch with your provider shortly after the incident has occurred, however many providers do allow 180 days before claiming. 

If you’ve been subject to any theft it’s important to assess the area and figure out what, if anything has been stolen or damaged. At this point and as early as possible we recommend taking photos or a short video of the damaged windows or doors as evidence. 

  1. Call a specialist 

If you haven’t already contacted a professional glazing team, this is the time to do so. Having a professional replace your window is a sure way to ensure everything is replaced correctly and efficiently. If the broken glass was previously single glazing this might be the time to upgrade to double glazing. 

Dealing with a broken window isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, and often causes unnecessary stress to your day. However, if you follow our 4 top tips we’re sure you’ll soon be on your way to have a replacement fitted. 
As always our team are on call now for all your glazing services 01603 431409 or email

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