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22nd June 2023

Your Guide to a Juliet Balcony

Ensuring your home has proper ventilation and light can be a real pain in today’s climate. Homeowners are becoming more and more unable to move home and upsize, so most are trying to improve the home they have. But, as we all know, British homes were not built to be able to sustain this newfound heat, so many homeowners are being faced with extremely warm homes that they are unable to escape. 

So, how do we solve this? Well, there is one, might we say even easy, solution in particular that is a steadfast favourite of ours: A Juliet balcony. 

What is a Juliet Balcony?

Juliet balconies aren’t like the large terrace balconies you get with hotel rooms, they’re much smaller, more compact, and a perfect option for homeowners who want those large windows or doors without the safety risks, or price tags of a full-blown balcony construction. 

A Juliet balcony is an extremely narrow glass balcony which sits between a few inches to a foot off of the wall of a building, covering the bottom proportion of a window or pair of French doors on an upper storey of a building. Due to this design, you are not able to walk out onto a Juliet balcony as you would a regular balcony. However, with Juliet balconies, you can open your doors to let the fresh air and light flood in without the added risk of your child or pet being able to wander onto an unattended balcony. 

Many people find that this minimalistic design is the perfect low-maintenance balcony as you can still benefit from the fresh summer air and light without having to clean any decking or move furniture around on a larger scale balcony.

Why choose a Juliet balcony?


Design is a key aspect of any building, which is one of the main reasons Juliet balconies are so popular, and certainly, our favourite way to brighten up a living space. A glass Juliet balcony can be constructed from a single frameless sheet of glass, negating the need for top rails or frames which gives it a stunning minimalist, modern look that’s as timeless as it is elegant.

Depending on the size of your Juliet balcony, you may be able to grow plants and herbs or even place ornaments on it. This green use of the small space between the glass panel and the building wall can give the feeling of a garden and input some well-needed greenery into a high-rise apartment complex which doesn’t have access to a garden area. This makes a Juliet balcony the perfect way to enjoy aspects of nature without leaving your home.


Glass is a widely used material in architecture and design due to its durability. Glass can withstand a lot, including inclement weather conditions such as wind or rain, without showing any signs of wear or damage. As older metal balconies rust with time, glass remains strong and visually appealing. Additionally, as we all know, glass is one of the most simple things to clean, meaning your balcony will stay in tip-top condition, with very little cleaning effort. 

How to get one installed

One of the main benefits of this type of balcony is that it is classed as a permitted development meaning replacing windows with French doors and using a glass Juliet balcony to let in that beautiful summer breeze and light is only a minimal development job for the professionals. Which in turn, means that you will not need any planning permission to have one installed.

Additionally, when it comes to installing a Juliet balcony, there are no two ways about it. Hiring a professional company is the only way to go. Balcony installations must comply with many different building and safety regulations, such as the Juliet balcony requiring a barrier at a height of 1100mm to be classified as safe. So, any reputable company will ensure your new balcony is compliant. 

How Norwich Glass can help

If you’re considering a handy property alteration that doesn’t require a lot of planning or space while also being easy to maintain give us at Norwich Glass a call. We’re a reputable and experienced contractor who can help you choose the right balcony for your needs while ensuring that it is installed safely and securely. Just contact our team today on 01603 431409 to find out how we can help you transform your home. 

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